Josh Kadis

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Interaction Design Assoc.

Boulder Digital Works

The Interaction Design Association gave Boulder Digital Works students the challenge of designing a transportation solution for the organization’s 2011 get-together.

Part of our comprehensive response was the Shuttle Tracker web application that Emily McCammon and I developed. Using basic prepaid cellphones as GPS devices, the program reliably estimated arrival times for conference shuttle routes around Boulder.

In testing, we encountered issues with the GPS feed and mapping API. For redundancy, I made the system compatible with two different GPS apps as well as Google, Bing, and MapQuest mapping and directions APIs. An admin screen allowed us to switch services and define new routes at any point.

During the conference, the program displayed the position of each vehicle in the system while tracking arrivals at stops along multiple concurrent routes. It could be configured quickly to accommodate any number and arrangement of shuttles, stops, and routes.