Josh Kadis


I’m an experienced product manager, full-stack developer, and engineering team leader.


As Director of Product Development at Alley, I lead a multidisciplinary product strategy and development practice, working with clients to bring new products from early-stage concepts through launch and beyond.

My work has included varied consulting projects for organizations ranging from nonprofit news startups to major publishers like CNN and NewsCorp. I’ve also represented Alley as a speaker and panelist at events such as ONA, NICAR, and SRCCON.


Having first joined Alley in 2014, I rejoined in 2019 after a year away from the company. During that hiatus, I created a successful membership development strategy during my tenure as Director of Product and Engineering for CyclingTips, an Australian publisher covering global professional racing and cycling culture.


While a Senior Technologist at Quartz from 2012 to 2014, I helped improve design processes by incorporating site analytics data and A/B testing. I oversaw Quartz’s innovative single-page web application while developing CMS features for editorial and sales staff.

Other Projects

I’ve been fortunate to take on interesting side projects outside of the aforementioned work stuff.

The Most Laps

My favorite is The Most Laps, where cyclists can compare the often absurd number of 3-mile laps of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park that are tracked on Strava. I’m in the process of expanding to other locations like Central Park. I built it with Next.js and MongoDB, and I’ve dabbled in converting to TypeScript and GraphQL.

Hacks/Hackers started as a pro-bono project at Alley but I maintain it now as a volunteer. Working with Hacks/Hackers, a global collective exploring the intersection of journalism and technology, has been a good excuse to learn Hugo – a static site generator written in Go.

Boulder Digital Works

Also worth mentioning are a couple of student projects that have disappeared from the internet. IxDA Bus Tracker used prepaid burner cellphones for real-time GPS tracking of a bus system connecting far-flung conference venues. Zombies vs Hippies was a location-based game built to highlight Microsoft’s defunct QR code competitor.


I’m a Certified Scrum Product Owner. Woohoo!

Before my venturing into media technology, I worked in for a few years in digital advertising with Boulder Digital Works and Big Spaceship after freelancing with major bicycle industry brands like SRAM and Specialized.

I live in Brooklyn and – as you might have guessed – I ride my bike(s) a lot.