I’m an experienced product manager, full-stack developer, and team leader.

What excites me is solving problems for people – both users and product owners – and that’s the attitude I try to instill in my teammates.

I was most recently Head of Product and Engineering at CyclingTips. It’s not exactly a household name but its combination of memberships, brand partnerships, and ecommerce represents the kind of balanced revenue model that many better-resourced media companies are working towards.

As the Director of Product Development at Alley Interactive, I delivered complex projects and consulted on analytics, ads and monetization, and multivariate testing for major media and nonprofit clients.

Previously, I was a Senior Technologist at Quartz and helped launch one of the 21st century’s most influential new media brands.

I’m used to shifting between engineering, strategy, and design – sometimes within the same afternoon – to create products that help organizations meet their goals.


Over the years, I’ve led or contributed significantly to major website (re)designs, (re)builds, and content migrations for Quartz, The Brookings Institution, CNN Español, The New York Post, Philadelphia Media Network, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, and more.

I’ve also been fortunate to work with these and other organizations to answer questions like:

  • Are readers using our site how we thought they would when we designed it?
  • How can we use A/B testing to identify the cause of lost video ad revenue?
  • Can we build an open-source tool to integrate charts seamlessly in our CMS?
  • How can we make our site’s content public and open-source along with its codebase?
  • Could we build a real-time transit tracking system with prepaid cell phones?


React and Node are my primary tools these days, although I got my start with WordPress. I’m accustomed to Scrum and Kanban project methodologies.

I attended the now-defunct Boulder Digital Works at the University of Colorado. Before that, I worked in the bicycle industry with brands like Specialized and SRAM, and was on the staff of a professional cycling team.

I live in Brooklyn and ride a fair amount of laps in Prospect Park.