Josh Kadis


Josh Kadis is director of product development at Alley Interactive, a full-service digital agency serving large-scale publishers. Josh’s role at Alley is to bring internally developed technologies to market and advise clients on their long-term product lifecycle. Whether coding, designing, or writing, he favors simplicity, practicality, and a user-centric approach.

Previously, he was a senior technologist at Quartz, Atlantic Media’s groundbreaking news outlet for the “new global economy”. Josh’s responsibilities at Quartz included foundational WordPress and JavaScript development, integration with a host of ads and analytics systems, and introducing A/B testing to inform the design process.

Before his career in news media, Josh was a technologist at Big Spaceship. During 6 years as a digital strategist, writer, and marketer in the bicycle industry, Josh worked with leading brands like Specialized, SRAM, and Zipp.

He attended Stanford University and the University of Colorado’s Boulder Digital Works (now IXDMA).


I live in Brooklyn with my partner, our daughter, and our dog. When I’m not hanging out with them, I can usually be found riding or racing my bike. I started racing in 1995 and have been pretty average (on a good day) at it ever since.

I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and attended the John Ward Elementary School.


Laptop; stainless steel French press; torque wrench